LED Screens for Awards Shows

LED screens help create more razzle and dazzle for any awards shows. Awards ceremonies are not only important for the people getting the awards, but it is vital for the show producers to create a memorable event to showcase the glitz and glamour of the event and the recognition of the rewards people are getting for their achievements.

LED technology is the perfect option for award shows as the impact of the screens is amazing without compromising on use of other lighting within the venue. Audiences will be left in awe of the large screens and the clarity of the images they offer.


Live feeds are often an important element within the awards event, the LED screens allow for live footage to be transmitted with admirable lucidity and precision. Similarly if you have presentations or pre-recorded footage to play to the audience, then LED screens provide the perfect solution, offering you a reliable and smart way to showcase the videos.

The screens can be set to any size you require, as each individual panel is 1msq, speak to our team and we would be happy to arrange a site visit to discuss the best LED screen size for your venue. We will ensure that the screens are used to their maximum potential and all audience members will be able to have access to precise visibility.