Large LED Screens for sports events.


What locations do you cover?

Although we are based in London, our strong client relationships means we travel wherever you require. We cover all London based events, as well as outer London and the rest of the United Kingdom.

At what stage do I need to plan AV requirements for my event?

We are able to deliver good and practical solutions within 24hrs notice, however if you are hosting a large scale event we would recommend to plan and prepare for AV equipment at least 4 weeks in advance. Giving yourself and us 4 weeks or more will allow for us to deliver the best service and equipment.

How much will it cost?

Each quotation depends on specific event requirements. Our prices will always include, the equipment, technical support (should you require it), delivery, set up and take-down of equipment and any custom requirements you may need.

What is the process from point of contact?

Once you have submitted your enquiry, we will contact you either via email or by phone.

We will go over more specific details, such us what your event is, where it will be held and when, how many people attending, who is the main organiser/brand, why are you holding the event? With these details, we will be able to suggest what audio and visual equipment will be the most suited for your event.

We will arrange a convenient time for you and us to arrange a site visit at the venue if required. From here we will be able to develop a deeper understanding of the equipment needed for your event.

Once we have a full understanding of the event, we will create and send you a quotation. At this point we will discuss any further details with you and book you in.

We will continue to be available to you for any alterations or changes that may be required as the event nears.

On the day (or day before, where required), our technicians will arrive at the venue and be ready ahead of your event start time or run-through.

Where required, our technicians will be on hand during the event to present slideshows, music, check all sound levels, manage any light shows, ensuring that the AV aspect of your event runs smoothly.

Once the event has finished, our technicians will begin the `take down’ professionally and leave the venue within the timescales agreed.  Our account managers will discuss the event with you and take feedback for any future events.

When will the setup be ready to use?

This depends on a number of factors such as, the time your venue will allow you to gain access. For events which are early morning starts, for example 9am, we would always recommend negotiating access for the night, allowing the technicians to set up during the night. If this is not possible then we would usually recommend a 5am set up for a 9am start.

Should you require rehearsals, then the set will have to be ready for this, ensuring you make the most of the AV equipment.

How long will the set-up time usually take?

This is dependant on the amount of equipment required and the size/shape of your venue. We will always check the timings of your event with you and plan ahead to ensure the set-up time is accounted for and ready by the specified time.

Do I need any permits to hold my event?

Most indoor events are covered by the venue permits and licences, so you may not have to apply for any, but we would always recommend you check with the venue event coordinator, just to be sure.

Outdoor events are more complex. For most local events held on Council land you will have to apply for a license and also adhere to their health and safety rules. You will also need to know the number of people attending your outdoor event, as this will effect how long it will take for your licence or permit to be processed.

Any equipment related licences, such as radio frequency licences, will be organised by us. Anything relevant to the equipment will be discussed during initial enquiries.

If you would like more details on how to organise an outdoor event, click here for our free guide.

Can you work with any musicians or performers that I am booking?

Yes we can work with outside agencies and solo artists. We would need you to inform us who and what instruments or performances will be taking place, so we use the correct equipment. If you require, we can liaise directly with the artist.

Can you perform a run through or dry run or a rehearsal?

This can be arranged. We will require you to tell us this at the booking phase to plan accordingly.

Can I bring my own slideshow or powerpoint presentations?

Yes you can, just give our technicians your presentation on a USB and they will ensure it is formatted correctly to your viewing specifications.  Please bear in mind, we would need to run through the presentations before the event starts.

We need this in advance of the event taking place.  Ideally more than 48 hours is usually sufficient.

I want my brand logo visible throughout the event, can you help with this?

Yes we can. There are a number of options we can consider. Your brand logo can be projected using  lighting or be printed and placed in strategic areas, these are usually on the stage or on lecterns.

We are able to suggest a number of options depending on the style of your event, or if you have an idea in mind just discuss it with our team.

Can you change the colour of the room to match my brand colours?

Yes we can. Lighting options are the best way to transform a room and change the colour to match your event theme or brand. Lighting can be placed around the room in a colour of your choice, or they can be programmed to changing colours continuously.

What equipment will I need?

This is really dependent on your event and requirements.  At the end of our initial discussions, we will give you a quotation which will include the equipment you require. If a site visit is required we will arrange this at the earliest opportunity.

Can AV equipment be used at an outdoor event?

Yes it can.  Outdoor events are becoming more and more popular. Specialist audio visual equipment is built to withstand most type of weather conditions. One of our team members will be able to advise you on what would work best for your outdoor event.

Is a technician able to stay for the duration of the event?

This depends on your specific requirements or request.  We will advise if technicians are required and if so they will be provided. If we determine that technicians are not required to remain at the event, they can do so at your request.