Environmental Policy

At London Audio Visual we are fully committed to implementing an Environmental Policy to help reduce our Carbon Footprint. We endeavour to work with other organisations in order to continue learning ways in which we can help protect planet Earth for future generations to come.

London Audio Visual is a certified Carbon Neutral Company! Our team have been working with Carbon Neutral Britain to calculate our Company’s total Carbon footprint. Our Company Directors decided to offset our carbon footprint to the Woodland fund. This project allows for trees to be planted in Countries which have been affected by deforestation, including South West Australia, Uruguay and Nicaragua.

The reforestation project in Costa Rica combines the premium quality standards of a recognised forest carbon offset project with multiple ecological and socio-economic benefits for local communities and the environment.This project has established a remarkable ecologically and socially sound reforestation with predominantly native tree species in Costa Rica. Since the start of this project, an are

a of 2,115ha of pastureland, previously used for extensive cattle ranching, has been under sustainable management. 1,280ha have been successively reforested in near natural mixed forest plantations with mainly native tree species. In total, more than one million trees were planted using a variety of 17 different tree species. The plantations are managed as a continuous forest cover. This reforestation model comprises a mixture of pioneer trees, and medium growth and slow-growth shadow trees.


Albert TrainedWe are proud to say we are Albert accredited and official Albert suppliers. Our team have undergone training on how to be more sustainable in our Industry and we utilise the brilliant Albert Carbon Calculator for any major productions in our Film Studio which implement the use of our LED technology.

Our team consistently review our internal Environmental Policy ensuring that we reducing waste by recycling more where possible. We are also signed up to a renewable Energy Supplier. Our vans have been swapped for the most eco-friendly option suited for our line of work. We believe it is these little changes on a daily basis which will help improve the Environment profoundly.