Graduation Ceremonies

London is home to a number of prestigious academic institutions in the world. A Graduation Ceremony is a time to celebrate both an institution and an individual’s educational achievement. Therefore it is important for the audio and visual arrangement to flow smoothly throughout the proceedings of an esteemed ceremony.

We provide set and staging for the ceremony hall, discussing with you, your preference for the height of the stage, whilst keeping in mind the venue height and how large your audience is.

You may also wish to consider a backdrop for the main stage. We can supply adhesive labels, with the University brand logo printed on. These are applied to the panels, thus creating more brand awareness for your Institution.

We have a range of lecterns to choose from. We also provide microphones for the University Dean and other guest speakers to address their students and attendees clearly.

We would suggest using either wireless microphones at the lectern or have each speaker wear a lapel microphone, which our technicians will adjust onto the guests and check the sound quality to ensure all is working perfectly.

Lighting is another element which will enhance the stage. We can position par can lights directly on the stage to create emphasis on the main focus of the event. Lighting positioned around the audience is also another way to create ambiance, these lights can be set to any colour which you wish, so you could use your University colours.

Speakers can be set up around the room, so the sound is distributed evenly. If the venue is in a historical building, you might want to think about a sound set-up which is not obtrusive to the architecture.

Projectors are often used to showcase slideshows of important people or work carried out during the academic year. We use HD projectors to make sure the footage or slides are high quality and so everyone can see the material clearly. If you are showing a PowerPoint presentation, our technicians are able to modify them, so they can be displayed more fluently.

Our technicians can stay on-site throughout the graduation ceremony to ensure that the event runs smoothly.