Professional Event Video Production

London Audio Visual provide video production services for many events, from conference filming to product launches. Filming your event will capture the highlights and allow you to use the footage as a useful marketing tool for your company, or simply to hold a record of your event for archival purposes.

We now have fantastic Sony HD cameras to capture footage or stream live to the screens in the room or even social media! Read about them here.

With video recording it helps to have an idea of what the final purpose will be of the footage. Do you need short clips for YouTube, your website, observational research or a full-length recording to sell to your customers?

Once we have discussed the details of what you require, one of our project managers will develop a solution that works best. Elements that will be factored in are whether one or more camera should be used, will they be static, turning or roaming, standard or high definition quality imaging, room lighting etc.