Hire Screens – LCD / LED / 4K & High Brightness

Hire Screens

Large Plasma LCD LED and 4K TV screens have become very popular as they represent and convenient method to convey visual information to a captive audience or passing trade.

Plasma LCD Connectivity

Plasma LED screens can take a feed from a laptop, DVD and HD screens can accommodate blu-ray.

Often when a location has bright natural light, plasma Large LED screens are the medium of choice as they are unaffected by room lighting and deliver excellent picture quality for day-time events.

All large screens have a widescreen 16:9 ratio. If your presentation is in 4:3 ratio (common in Power Point presentations), it is easy to change the setting and make it 16:9 which may stretch some images or choose to build your presentation in 16:9 from the beginning.

Deciding on whether you would like to hire a large screen is easily decided based on a few factors:

60" screen on parabella stand

What is being shown?

Plasma screens have a high resolution for excellent picture quality and high contrast which is a bright and vivid display. This is why a plasma screen is especially effective when showing film or video compared to plain text.

How many people viewing the screen?

We can help you choose the right screen options for your event. Whether the screen will be the main focus of the presentation or for passing trade at an exhibition, we have guidelines to assist your choice.

Where is the location?

The room or venue may have odd angles, pillars or guests seated at banquet style having restricted views of the main display. Plasma screens are also a space saving option compared to projectors which require a throw distance and uninterrupted space between the screen and projector such as on exhibition stands.


-Exhibition Stands
-Product Launches
-Office Meetings

Plasma LCD LED Screen Hire

LCD screens tend to be used more as stage monitors for presenters on stage and these are typically 21” – 32”.
Plasma screens are offered in the following sizes with a basic guideline;

32” for exhibition stands
42” for exhibition stands
43” for exhibition stands
46″ for exhibition stands
50” for presentations to audience +-20 pp
55″ for exhibition stands & presentations
60” exhibition & presentations audience +- 50 pp
65” exhibition & presentations audience +- 75 pp
70” exhibition & presentations audience +- 85 pp
80” exhibition & presentations audience +- 95 pp
85” for awards ceremonies & audience +-100 pp
90” for awards ceremonies & audience +-130 pp
95” for awards ceremonies & audience +-150 pp
98” exhibition & presentations audience +- 150 pp

We stock the Sony Android, Samsung and Panasonic Screens.

Video walls are frameless plasma screens fitted together to cover a large area. This is always a good option when space is limited for projection and the quality of the image is a high priority.