Experiential marketing is the way forward when it comes to brands directly involving their audiences. At London Audio Visual we understand the importance of marketing and want to help you get it right for your brand and your consumers. LED screens are the perfect option to grab the attention of your target market, they deliver a bright screen which will highlight the message you wish to convey with exceptional quality.

Our previous clients have required LED tiles to create a LED wall to either help with re-branding or launching new products. Our team are able to construct the LED wall safely and in prime position so you can be sure that the audience will get a clear view. If you are not sure about where you want to position the LED screens or the size your require, do not worry, one of our team members is able to book in a site visit and discuss your options from there. We are also able to work directly with your designers or organisers to achieve the perfect result.

If your marketing event is outdoors, then LED screens are the perfect tool to help you get your marketing material seen clearly. As cutting edge technology of LED means that even the sunlight cannot distort the image or compromise on the quality.