LED Screen – Tungsten Media – Witcher Season Three Premiere


Venue: Outernet London

LED Screen with Tungsten Media’s interactive robotic arm/glambot used at The Witcher Season Three Premiere

Tungsten Media approached us with a visionary idea to use their robotic arm alongside an interactive LED wall in order to create an immersive experience for attendees at The Witcher Season Three Premiere.

Before the premiere day it was important to carry out a demo to test how the robotic arm worked when integrating with the LED screen. Tungsten Media crew travelled down to meet our technical crew and make full use of our demo facilities. This site visit allowed them to experiment and recognise how the LED and playback technology would work for what they wanted as well as address any pitfalls.

During this visit that the Tungsten Media team and our technical crew were able to collaboratively work on creating a code that would synchronise all aspects of the installation which would in turn allow the entire team to work more efficiently on the day of the premiere. It was important that our Pixera media servers were triggered in sync with the motion control cinebot. This code created with the Tungsten crew to allow one click would synchronise all aspects of the installation (camera, video & LED) this also included syncing the clients lights with our servers using ART-NET.

“Dream Team! Thanks guys, really happy with how it all turned out! It was great colab on this and it ran super smooth!”

On the day of set up at the venue, our crew were able to install the LED wall within an hour, allowing for enough time to work on tweaking the LED to look great on camera. Our technicians  adjusted the refresh rate, brightness, and colour settings of the screen to match the camera frame rate, and lens aperture, to avoid any issues, such as scan lines, moire, etc.

Tungsten - Robotic Arm with LED Wall

As this experience involved the glambot high speed camera mounted on a robotic arm to film attendees in front of the LED screen, it was imperative that the final footage did not show the edge of the LED screen. Therefore our team built a 5m by 3m Absen PL2.5 Polaris curved LED with a curvature of 10°. This not only allowed our team to work within the remit of the venue dimensions but also allowed for the final footage to appear more realistic and engrossed the attendees into the witcher world. To learn more about the Absen PL2.5 Polaris LED click here.

The main criteria for this project was to ensure we could match the high frame rate of the camera with our screen and media servers, and avoid any artefacts in camera. The Absen PL2.5 with Brompton processing has a maximum refresh rate of 250Hz making this the ideal on-camera LED product to use for filming events such as this, as it creates a smoother fluid motion and retains perfect synchronisation between screen and camera. Our clients were impressed by the clarity of the screen, and the overall visual experience, and having the test day at our premises, gave everyone the confidence to deliver the installation flawlessly on the day.