PA & Sound System Hire

Hire PA systems and sounds system for any event or occasion, we have experience with general events ranging from indoor and outdoor to conferences and exhibitions.

They type of PA systems we have available are – Line Array PA system, Portables PA systems, conference sound systems and exhibition PA systems.

The PA (Public Address) system refers to the relevant microphones, speakers and additional items of equipment which make it possible for the sound of your event to be amplified. All PA systems consist basically of a microphone, mixer, amplifier and speakers. The model, style and performance ability of the PA will depend on what it is being used for.


PA System Hire London



The factors that we take into consideration when putting together a PA system are;

• Audience size
• Venue size
• Venue acoustics
• Ambient noise levels
• The number and type of microphones
• Additional audio sources such as laptops, iPods, DVD players, instruments
• Is the event being recorded

A common misconception is that a small event does not require any or little amplification; this does depend much on the factors mentioned above, but we have noticed that most audiences pay closer attention when they can hear every word. There are also occasions where a slightly larger PA system does not mean that the sound will be louder, but rather we can get better sound distribution in oddly shaped rooms or for large audiences. This means that the audience at the front don’t get a loud blare of sound for the sake of the audience at the back.

We have a wide range of microphones and PA systems to suit any function, if you or your guest speakers have any preferences let us know otherwise we always have suggestions to help.

Our sound engineers are on hand during events to monitor levels and ensure that at all times they are enhancing the sound quality.

A feature that helps to make your event more accessible to the hard of hearing is that we can run an Induction Loop connected to the PA. This enables people with hearing devices to adjust the setting and hear all speeches clearly and soundtracks evenly.

We also have the option to record your event; this means you can have audio MP3 files to add to your website for your audience to download.

All you need to tell us is, what needs to be heard and we will ensure that is heard loud and clear. Whether it be installing a number of speakers on stage for a panel discussion, a large delegation requiring ‘push to talk microphones’, a presentation with audio effects or controlling music at a live event, we have it covered.