Fashion Show Production

As a fashion designer your clothes are your identity. London Audio Visual work closely with designers to ensure that the stage design and AV equipment reflect your collection. We recognise that the show and production must be as creative as your fashion pieces.

Catwalk: During the planning stage the length and layout of a catwalk are the key elements to take into consideration. We can construct a traditional catwalk or be more innovative and discuss various other design elements you wish to experiment with.

Backdrops: The most popular backdrops are free standing panels which can be joined together to create a flat surface. These can be customised to match the theme of your fashion show. The options for backdrops can be as simplistic or as bold as you desire.

Sound: Our sound engineers are on hand during your Fashion Show to monitor sound levels and ensure that at all times your guests can enjoy their evening.  We can co-ordinate sequence changeovers with announcements and background music. Our technicians will ensure that the sound set-up distributes the sound evenly.

Visuals: Visual elements are an important feature of fashion shows. Depending on the venue and the size of the audience, our expert technicians know that reaching the whole audience may require additional screens with live camera feeds. You can also use this to your advantage and take the opportunity to record the event. You may also want to think about utilising plasma screens to create brand awareness during the show.

Lighting: This has become a dynamic medium to help illustrate themes and set the mood for Fashion Shows. This can be as vibrant or as focused as you like, what we like to remember is that good lighting helps good photography. Lighting should not only be considered solely for the catwalk but also strategically placed around the room, to create the ambiance you desire.

Health and Safety: We conduct our own risk assessments, and provide our own method statements. We have public liability insurance for large events. All of our equipment is PAT tested and maintained regularly.