Formal Dinners & Events

Formal dinners usually require a considerable amount of planning in advance. Once you have confirmed the venue booking you will need to start thinking about the audio and visual equipment you will require.

AV equipment can be implemented into any design choice. We have worked in a variety of different venues, from the ones with most breath-taking interior to small scale simplistic venues which act as a blank canvas.

Lighting is always one of the first elements we take into account, as it will restyle any venue. For grander buildings, where clients may want to highlight the natural beauty and architecture of the venue, subtle lighting can be implemented.

For more simple and elegant venues more striking and experimental lighting can be used to completely transform the environment.

Whatever the theme or mood you have in mind, discuss your ideas with our team and they will set up the lighting to suit the ambiance you desire. Lighting does not have to just be positioned around the room, it can also be instrumental on table decor to create a more enthralling and enchanting atmosphere.

Formal dinners will often have musical acts to provide soft entertainment during the course of the dinner. We can provide a stage to your size requirements, along with your choice of flooring and backdrop. If you wish to have floral arrangements on the main stage, simply let our technicians know and they will arrange all AV equipment sympathetically, so your design choices are not affected.

If there are speeches to be made during the dinner, you might want to have a lectern set up with a microphone, so your guests can clearly hear all information.

During speeches you may also want to reflect on video footage, for which our technicians can set up plasma screens around the room, to ensure all guests positioned around the room have clear visibility.

We work hard to make sure AV equipment is used to enhance the formal dinners ambiance, which will make sure your guest leave in the dinner amazed and in awe.