Stage Design

At London Audio Visual we recognise that each stage needs to be personalised to suit your event. The stage design is what will keep the audience engaged and in awe of what is taking place on the stage.

Stage design requires innovative ideas which will invigorate the audiences imagination. Our technicians will work with your design team to create the design you want, whether it be as simple as using drapery on stage or more complexed designs which require custom builds.

Using new technology to create a backdrop is an exciting way to create a world on stage for the audiences to get lost in. An image or revolving images could be projected onto the backdrop of the stage and allow you to be more creative with changing scenes, acts or presentations.

Lighting is a key element to take into consideration when dressing your set. Lighting choices will allow you to manipulate the mood of the event. Our technicians will discuss with you aspects such as, soft and sharp shadows, for example if you are putting on a theatrical productions or concerts/gig this will be of great relevance and a point which you will not want to overlook.

Plasma screens can also be incorporated onto a stage design, so your audience are able to clearly see everything going on. This is not only a popular option for conferences but also churches, theatre companies and concerts are among the few event types this choice applies to.

You must also remember that the design element must be functional, our technicians will place equipment in discreet ways, so as not to disrupt what is taking place on the stage.