LED Screen Sales & Installation Services

Studio Installations

We offer permanent LED screen solutions for broadcast studios, film/TV studios and live streaming studios, we have many different LED screen solutions available including modular LED and high pixel pitch LED screens that work well with camera.

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Retail Installations

We have a range of LED screens that are suited for retail solutions ranging form extremely close pixel pitches to super thin LED screens for demanding areas, we also supply high bright LED screens for shop windows and LED screens solutions for use in multi location within retail outlets and shops.

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Retail Window Display LED Screens

Marketing Suite Installations

Marketing suites are the perfect place to install high end LED screen solutions, perfect for marketing new products or the latest company news or message, our screens are easy to maintain and very easy to control content.

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Examples of Double LED Screen for Retail

Reception Installations

Corporate receptions are ideal for pushing your brand message across, use LED screens to create the perfect atmosphere.

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LED Wall Office Installation

Our Service

London Audio Visual Permanent Installation offers a complete LED wall installation and design service starting with a thorough site inspection, complete system design through to the installation and commissioning stage. We work directly design agencies, retailers, brands and installers.

Initial Planning

Once we receive a brief form you we will arrange a site visit at the desired location, we will typically understand the space, take images and measure the area, we will also take in to consideration the light in the location so we can suggest the correct LED screen, we will normally recommend a screen thats at least 1500 nits brightness.

Design & Integration

We will work closely with you to ensure we achieve your vision,  we can help with working out what the correct dimension should be and also create mockup designs to scale. We can also create fully branded structures to house the LED screen in to creating a perfectly seamless solution.

Management of Installation

We offer a pre build solution so you can see your screen at our premises before we install the LED screen and structure at your location.


Once we have installed the LED screen at your location we will give you a guided handover to ensure you are comfortable with how it all works.


We can offer you a yearly maintenance agreement, this typically covers servicing and call out charges, we will also stock the same batch of LED pixels as the one originally purchased so we can offer a speedy replacement solution for faulty pixels.

Content & Management

Engaging and exciting content is essential to maximise your screens ROI. We can help with all aspects from creation to management and playback. We can guide you with the content parameters and put you in touch with content creators, as part of the installation of the LED screen we will provide you with playback facilities, this is normally a server and media player.

Analytics & Screen Monitoring

At any installation we can provide Monitoring, this allows us to check your screen both technically and visually. We can also update content and fix errors remotely if the occur.