Retail Screen Solutions

Hire LED Screens for Retail & Window Displays

1.5 Pixel Pitch LED for CHANELWe offer short and long term hire solutions of LED screens and audio visual equipment for retail stores. London AV are experienced in digital signage, LED screens for retail window displays as well as in store LED video wall solutions and interactive touch screens.

Digital Window displays are an extremely important feature for any retail business, we utilise high bright screens from leading manufacturers, these screens are extremely bright and designed specifically for use in varying environments, designed to cope with high temperatures from direct bright sunlight, dust and 24/7 use.

The high bright DynaScan screens are industry leaders in using the latest technology resulting in a cutting edge display for your retail outlet. We will work alongside your creative team to ensure that the screens fit in with your vision. Our technicians will always ensure that the screens are all colour calibrated to ensure that your store images appear lifelike and vibrant. The DynaScan screens range in different brightness levels, from 700 nits – 7000 nits and sizes from 32″-75″.

We do also offer a range of professional high bright screens from other quality manufacturers such as, Samsung, NEC & LG, Absen, Sony etc.

Contact our team today to discuss your ideas and we would be more than happy to help determine which screen will provide the idea solution for your retail display or outlet.



Large LED Screens for Retail Windows

We offer a range of pixel pitches and screen sizes designed specifically for retail windows, LED screens allow your window display to illuminate fully with edge to edge LED tiles. There’s no constraint on the size of the LED display you desire. If you aim to completely fill your window display area, a video wall is an ideal solution, ensuring both ample coverage and high-quality imagery or footage. These displays not only captivate attention but also serve as powerful marketing and advertising tools for showcasing your brand and work.







Projectors & Projectors Screens for Shop Windows

Shop window projection displayLondon Audio Visual provides a comprehensive window display and projection solutions tailored for retail settings, High-quality projectors can create immersive experiences for customers, such as interactive product demonstrations or themed environments, enhancing the overall shopping experience and driving customer engagement.









Retail Digital Signage for Shops & Retail Environments

Rigby-Peller-LondonDigital signage proves to be a potent asset for retailers, amplifying sales, boosting brand presence, and elevating the shopping journey for customers. Our high-brightness screens, boasting LED backlight technology, deliver a stunning 2,500 nit sunlight-viewable image—five times brighter than standard commercial displays. These versatile screens are adaptable for both portrait and landscape orientations, ensuring optimal visibility and impact.