Twitter Wall Hire

Social Media Walls

Engage your audience by displaying the latest tweets connected with your event… #londonaudiovisual

Social Media is becoming an integral cog of a company event, allowing instant contact with the viral social world. It is an interesting feature to install into the main area of the event, as it creates a focal point which is constantly updating and interacting with your audience, as well as non-participants, allowing you to reach out to a wider audience.

London Audio Visual are able to set up LED walls, large screens and projections, as an illuminating source to provide an excellent display for your Twitter Wall. Our team are able to customise Social Media Wall sizes to the dimensions which are most suited for your event. We are able to further personalise the Twitter Wall by building an outer wall, which can be branded with your company logo and colours.

Our team are able to incorporate moderation software, enabling you to be in control of what tweets are displayed. The system is a straightforward one to use, with simple feature of accepting or rejecting the tweets you desire for your event. Moderating the Twitter Wall can be done from a laptop, tablet or for even more simplicity your mobile phone.

The interface of your Twitter Wall  can be customised for your event, using the colours to match your brand, displaying any logos of sponsors and a variety of other options. The overall look of the Twitter Wall is one which fascinate your audience and complete the look of your event.

If you are interested in implementing a Social Media Wall for your company’s next event, then please contact London Audio Visual to discuss the different options available.