Film Screenings Services

Whether you are planning a film screening for an Indie film, a blockbuster or a classic, on a rooftop, a barn, or an isolated warehouse, we can provide the right audio visual equipment for the best viewing experience.

Our projectors range in sizes, allowing for audiences at larger screenings to have clear visibility of the film, or providing a more intimate screening with a smaller screen.

Our mobile projectors are perfect for any film screenings, whether you are providing the screening for educational purposes, running a campaign, charity event, or simply just a film enthusiast who wants to give an audience a different viewing experience.

Film movie shoot on a bus.

We also are able to provide projectors which will be the best suited for the time of day and the light levels for your screening. For the best picture quality we would recommend a HD projector which will also provide you with a long lamp life to ensure the projector does not stop half way through the film.

Blu-Ray players are what we would recommend to use alongside a HD projector, in order for your audience to have the best picture quality.

If you are aiming for a more formal film screening and wish to have a discussion panel at the end of the movie, we are experienced in setting up stages and speaker panels with mics for all to participate with their thoughts on the film.

Film screening

If you are not planning to show a silent movie and want to play a good old `talkie` then the sound will be equally as important as the viewing. We can discuss your various options for sound, it may be that you wish for a simple two-way speaker set-up, or a more sophisticated surround sound for a larger venue.

Our technicians are able to stay on site to ensure that the sound and image quality is not compromised throughout the screening.

Projectors working with filming