Projector for Art Installation
Projection for Art Installation
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Projection for Art Installation
Projection for Art Installations

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Venue: 180 The Strand

4K Projectors for Art Installations

Using projections for art installations can create dynamic and immersive experiences that blend visual and spatial elements. Our client at 180 Studios wanted to utilise this projectors for an art installation which encompasses a fusion of ever-changing, generative artworks and installations that reflect and transform alongside time and the audience’s engagement. The pieces take inspiration from the rich tapestry of visual culture, drawing on the Futurists’ endeavour to capture the dynamic human form in motion and Eadweard Muybridge’s groundbreaking sequential film experiments from the 19th century.

4K Pixel Shift Projectors offer exceptional image quality with a high resolution, providing sharpness, clarity, and vivid colours. HD projectors can project large-scale images without sacrificing image quality, for an art exhibition this is the ideal solution as it captivates and immerses the audience in the artwork’s essence. Pixel Shift technology, commonly found in 4K projectors, uses advanced algorithms to shift pixels at high speeds, effectively doubling the resolution of the projected image. This feature enhances image sharpness, reduces visible pixelation, and creates a smoother visual experience.

The key thing to remember when installing projectors for an art exhibition on this scale is to identify the surface for the projections. Once this was determined our team then begin to take into account the size, texture, and colour of the surface, as these factors can affect the projection’s visibility and impact. Then began the process of projection mapping, this is the technique which precisely aligns and warps projected images to fit irregular or non-flat surfaces.

Installation of the projectors, media servers and playback devices was then initiated, at this stage our technicians were able to consider the brightness and resolution capabilities of the projectors to ensure optimal visibility of the projections in art exhibition environment.

Overall the art work was amazing! The projectors were the right choice of visual equipment to use for this mind-blowing art installation.

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