Charity Fundraisers

Raising awareness of an issue is crucial for any charitable organisation. Equally fundraising is vital in allowing any charity’s good work to continue. Our team like to engage in your organisation’s vision and provide AV equipment well suited to your fundraising event.

Having your message on visual aids is an effective method to gain attention. Large plasma screens can be arranged around the venue or outdoors, to enchant and captivate your audience with the key mission of your charity.

It is important to keep the momentum and buzz of the atmosphere going throughout any charity event. Therefore sound is an element which should not be overlooked. Our team will discuss your venue layout and plan where to place sound systems so your messages are heard loud and clear.

If you require a stage, we have an in-house building facility, so are able to customise your staging area to your needs. Whether the fundraiser is a formal or informal event, we are able to set up lecterns, microphones, PA systems, lighting and stage settings to get your charity noticed and make your fundraiser a roaring success.

Embracing people into the message will also require the little touches. Lighting will help create an atmosphere for your fundraiser. We can set the colours to match the brand colours of your organisation, creating a theme and help to unite all participants at the event.

If you are using a separate room in a venue to hand out awards, then do not forget to use AV equipment in this area, this will help to unify the theme of the fundraising event.

If your event is outdoors, we can go through the planned event and implement AV equipment in various locations at the outdoor space. Remember if there is a marathon or charity walk taking place, it will be just as important to have sound and lighting along the running path to keep the fundraisers motivated to continue to the end.

We know how crucial it is for charity to advertise their brand in order to gather as much support as possible, we are able to provide and set up equipment to help you highlight your charity’s brand and allow for maximum exposure to the responsibilities you have undertaken. Our aim is to make your fundraiser an event which will help have a positive impact and make a change in the world.