LED screens are a popular way for retail and shop windows to engage consumers and showcase your new season products. Window displays are integral reason why consumers choose to enter your establishment, so you want to have the image as clear as possible. One major benefit of having a LED display is that the advances in the technological equipment results in the image not being affected by the natural light.


LED wall tiles allow for your window display to be fully lit up with a LED display, there is no limit on the size of the LED display you want, so if you quite literally want to fill your window display area, a video wall will be sufficient enough in doing this, whilst not compromising on the quality of the image or footage.

As well as LED window display screens, our team at London audio Visual are trained in setting up LED retail signage pods and in-store LED screens. Kiosk stands within retail outlets are another way to attract your target consumer’s attention. The display emits an image in full HD colour enchanting your consumers.

We understand the importance of creating awareness of your brand, our team can arrange a site-visit to discuss with you where the LED screens will be most beneficial and influential in marketing your products. As part of our service, we also offer configuring your video footage or images before the LED screens are set up, this way you are ready to start using the screens to their full potential as soon as our technicians have constructed them.



Potential uses of LED Screens in Retail Stores and Experiential Marketing

Why LED Screens are suitable for Retail Stores? The one main reason is the huge power a LED screen can command from window display! With creative content on our pitch perfect LED screens consumers are drawn in to the retail outlet.

Hire LED Walls and LED Screens in Shop Windows

LED screens should be used to create an omni-channel online/offline brand experience or promotion campaign by offering you products and services 24hrs per day from your bricks and mortar store.Advertise special offers, new products, click and collect services, attract attention of late night passers-by or simply reinforce your brand. Most of our clients would hire our LED screen solution for short promotions and brand products launches, hiring LED screens is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of achieving this. Rental of LED screens also ensure that the shop windows do not become stagnant, some of our clients use their shop windows as a major launch pad for new sessions and products launches, visitors and passers by often look forward to seeing what’s next…

Using LED walls and screens for way-finding 

LED Screens are often used for way finding, as they are easily visible and stand out from other store decorations. They can be located near stairs lifts and new areas the store would like to promote, sometimes seasonal areas like Christmas promotions and product launches.  We have worked with our clients in the past to use these types of branded LED screens for  marketing new brands in the middle of a store, we have created fully branded smart totems with hi res LED screens and amazing content to capture passers-by within the store.

Ambience within the (retail store)

Many major retailers hire LED screens to create ambience inside the store for a promotion. Static or slow moving content doesn’t take attention away from the products on display, but at the same time give the retail space a more high-end feel.

Design/architectural feature

Draw attention to a specific part of the store or area, drive footfall, or simply promote a new product using creative LED displays as part of an architectural feature. Our LED screens not need to be a standard 16:9 ratio screens, this means we can get very creative with how we use our LED screens, each LED tile is modular and can be mounted in to our modular structure allowing us to mix standard textile or print with the LED screens, we can create tunnels, walls, floors and even ceilings with our LED screens giving you a massive wow factor.


For classic promotional digital signage, LED screens offer the chance to make large seamless LED displays that grab the attention from a distance.

This would replace traditional marketing banners and light walls and are far more flexible and effective, content can also be changed any time and as often as you would like, this can also be done remotely using our content management system.

Fitting rooms

LED screens are Ideal for the Instagram and social media generation, why not create an LED screen display in the fitting room area, with pre -configured themed content. Take a selfie in Manhattan or on the top of a mountain, and

show off the product you are trying to all your friends.

This type marketing has been extremely successful for our clients, not only have we created this for the fitting room areas we have created this at large office complex reception areas for 1 or 2 day promotions and fashion shows and has created an instant buzz online.


Does your company have an interesting story to tell? Do you want to share a message with potential customers? Use an LED wall with a specifically created video content and let the world know all about your company. 

You could be talking about being eco friendly or sourcing goods ethically, all this makes a huge impression on potential customers. 

Advantages of LED over other technologies…

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High brightness

LED displays range from 700 nits to 12.000 nits, depending on the model and the use, meaning that the displays are always eye-catching. Brightness can be adjusted automatically through light sensors. Your screen will never go unnoticed.

Design Flexibility with LED Screens

Think of LED as being like small building blocks, and express your creative side. Don’t be limited by 16:9 proportions, think outside the box to create unique displays that draw attention more effectively than standard formats.


Avoid unsightly joins, or seams, between panels. LED displays are completely seamless, giving the effect of being one large display, although made up of smaller blocks which facilitates transport and installation.

LED screen budget and flexibility

Take advantage of the range of pixel pitch options LED offers you, and decide if you prefer a small high definition screen or a larger lower definition screen, for the same budget. Let us help you choose the best option for your store.

Durability with LED screens

Higher pixel pitch (P2.5+) LED displays are tough and durable, making ideal for the retail environment where the public have direct access to the screen. Even lower pitch displays will rarely fail as a whole, the screen itself will continue to work. Avoid ugly and expensive breakages.

Future Proofing

Worried that your screen will look outdated after a number of years? Although our experience tells us that a good LED installation has a long life-span, rest assured that LED can also easily be substituted at a later date for a higher resolution model without expensive refits.

On-site maintenance and repair

Its simple and fast to repair damage LED walls.

We work with many brands across the country and in most cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham etc…