Exhibition stand - Manchester BCLA
Exhibition stand - Manchester BCLA
Exhibition stand - Manchester BCLA
Exhibition stand - Manchester BCLA
Exhibition Stand - Manchester BCLA
Exhibition stand - Manchester BCLA

LED Screen for Alcon Exhibition Stand

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Venue: Manchester Central

LED Screen with custom brand printing

London Audio Visual built the main LED screen structure for client Reality Engineering. The LED screen was built to the specification of 5.5m(w) x 4m(h) – 1m(d) with 5.5m x 3m of bespoke fabric printing for underneath the LED structure as well as the rear and side panels allowed maximum brand exposure.

LED screens are highly effective in attracting attention and increasing footfall at an exhibition stand, they offer vibrant and eye-catching visuals that can instantly capture the attention of passerby’s. The Alcon stand engaged attendees with content displayed on the large LED screen offering high-resolution displays and vivid colours, creating a visually appealing experience that drew people in. The interactive content was updated and customised easily, our team of technicians worked with our clients to ensure the content was configured correctly for the size of the LED screen.

By showcasing engaging videos, product demonstrations, or captivating graphics, exhibitors can create a compelling experience that piques visitors’ curiosity and encourages them to explore your exhibition stand further. Using LED screens to convey key information about your products, services, or brand message is crucial for any exhibition stand. LED screens provide an excellent platform for delivering engaging presentations or live demos. In this instance the large screens made it easy to captivate an audience and generate excitement around the exhibition stand.

For the Alcon exhibition our team utilised 2.8mm pixel pitch, this pixel pitch is ideal when the viewers will be at a moderate distance from the screen, typically ranging from 3 to 6 meters. In exhibition settings, where attendees move around and view screens from various distances, a 2.8 pixel pitch provides a good balance between pixel density and viewing distance. With the 2.8 pixel pitch, the LED screen can deliver sharp and clear images, even at close range. This level of clarity is crucial for displaying detailed content, such as text, graphics, or product images, resulting in the exhibition stand conveying information effectively. The pixel density was sufficient enough to showcase high-quality visuals and videos, ensuring that the content appeared crisp and engaging.

High resolution LED screens will showcase your brand clearly & increase footfall!

Other captivating ways to utilise large LED screens on exhibition stands is to incorporate social media feeds, live updates or interactive elements into your LED screens. Encouraging visitors to share their experiences on social media using dedicated hashtags or engaging with real-time polls and contests displayed on the screens can generate buzz and attract more people to your stand. To read more about what London Audio Visual can help with for your exhibition stand click here.

Our LED screens come in various shapes, sizes and configurations, allowing for creative and unique display options. Curved, wraparound screens or LED floors can add an element of uniqueness to your exhibition stand, making it stand out from the crowd and enticing people to come closer and explore. To make your exhibition stand grab attention click below to contact us!