You can use our extensive experience to put on a seminar with impact. Seminars are known to bring people together, create unity and bring about important information dissemination. We know all the tactics to keep your seminar upbeat and enthralling for your audience.

These are visually intense occasions and it is important that your audience is kept enthralled on the speakers every word. Not only do we help you to present your seminar in style with professionalism and passion, we also endeavour to enhance your seminar so that your time, effort and investment are well rewarded.

Stage & Set

We have our own set-design and build facility, which means we can offer your stage and set in colours tailored to your branding. Prior to every seminar we always have all the dimensions of the venue required in order to ensure your stage looks great.

The most popular option for backdrops is to use our free-standing panels which can be joined to create a flat surface. These can be custom felt covered to the colour of your branding or you can select from a variety of neutral tones. The stage for your event can be covered in carpet to the colour of your choosing.


All you need to know is what needs to be heard and we will ensure that is does, whether it be the number of speakers on stage in a panel discussion or a presentation with audio effects or background music for atmosphere, we have it covered. Our sound engineers are on hand during your conference to monitor levels.


Deciding on your visual presentation medium is determined by what formats are being shown, the nature of the venue, the size and seating arrangement of the audience.  We can assist you to put these elements together to ensure your conference has the visual impact you desire. This can be using a combination of Projection and Plasma screens and we can factor in the presentation of multiple source inputs and outputs.


This is an excellent medium for creating atmosphere or enhancing brand awareness. Lighting can also include coverage of the stage area for venues that have little natural light or evening events.  Depending on the nature of your seminar, this can be quite a creative way to bring excitement or focus to your conference.


A wide selection of furniture can help you to put the finishing touches to your seminar. We have supplied every-thing from chairs for the audience, chair covers, to character pieces for the stage and lecterns.