Hire Lectern in London

Lecterns are used to allow presenters to speak or read from, loudly and clearly to address an audience. They are most commonly used on stages, conference venues, seminar rooms, auditoriums, in classrooms or lecture halls, places of worship, business venues and in training sessions.

Your event may require a traditional style lectern or a more modern design to suit your event decor. Lecterns come in all shapes, sizes and styles, speak to a member of our team to discuss your options and how we can accommodate for your event.

The most popular lectern is our Deluxe Lectern, used for product launches, press conferences, seminars. This type of lectern is lightweight, there for easier to transport and quick to set up at your event.

Another popular option is a acrylic bespoke wood lectern, which can be covered in the colour felt of your choice, creating a more luxurious look for more high profile events.

Our range of lecterns can be customised further with your bespoke logo. Attaching your brand logo onto the lectern will not only enhance the brand at your event, but it will also give the lectern a more professional look.

Our lecterns are set up by our professional team, they ensure that all cabling is hidden away and complies with health and safety regulations, so your speakers can move around the lectern without fear of wires surrounding them.

Microphones can be set up on the lectern, linked to the sound system, to ensure sound is delivered clearly. Or if you prefer, lapel microphones for your presenters, can be implemented.

Lighting is another element to not over look. Uplighters can be set up around the stage to highlight the lectern and the speaker. If the presenter needs light to help look at their speech or presentation, goose-neck lighting can be connected.

Additional equipment such as digital timers, are useful to have placed either on the lectern or on the stage. This will ensure the presentations keep within time and the entire event will run according to venue hire times.