Event Lighting Hire

Professional Event Lighting Hire

Lighting is that it is often the main element of impact in the success of any event. It sets the mood and can enhance the experience of all your guests and delegates. Most of our clients use lighting to emphasise the branding of their product, bring dramatic attention to certain elements or improve the quality of photos and video taken at their events.

Event Lighting Hire and uplighters

All you have to know is what effect you would like to have, and we will put together suggestions to give you control over the mood and focus of your event.

The factors we like to keep in mind when allocating lighting options are:

Control: Sometimes lighting is used to create an ambiance, which means the most basic of control is required. On other occasions we have programmed a lighting display to music requiring professional technical expertise.

Position: Lighting can be accommodated on stands, trussing and ceiling anchor points, it all depends on the venue.

Power: The amount of power required depends on the size of the set-up and is normally only a major factor in larger venues. In smaller venues we often use LED lights as these require less power.

Type of Lighting: There are a range of lights you could use to suit your event. You could have LED Up lighters which are a firm favourite with many conference organisers, venue managers and event planners. They deliver a bright light and are easily concealed. With minimal power consumption, these have a longer working life and low heat output (so a good point for your company green policy). There are many colour combinations and are even effectively visible for day-time events.

venue lighting hire

You could also opt for fixed and zoom lights, which come in a variety of options. Par cans utilise a colour gel or white light, which is great for set-up flexibility. Source fours are normally used to highlight a particular area, such as a lectern. The beam can also be shaped using internal shutters. Follow-spots are the traditional attention seeker for award ceremonies or theatrical productions.

led uplighting

Architectural lights are the most effective for outdoors used on buildings and trees. Lighting up a historical building with these lights creates an amazing spectacle. Gobo Projection allow you to have your custom logo lighting up areas in a venue, this type of lighting is ideal for product launches to create brand awareness.