Wireless LED Up Lighting Hire

Our Wireless LED Uplighters are a popular choice with many conference organisers, venue managers and event planners. They deliver a vast bright light and are easily concealed. LED Uplighters offer minimal power consumption and have a longer working life with low heat output, so the ideal light to use with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

led uplighting

Applications and uses:

  • Event uplighting
  • Mood lighting
  • Branding
  • Large marquee lighting
  • Venue lighting
  • Film shoots
  • Product launch
  • Art galleries
  • Museums
  • Fashion shows
  • Stage
  • Music video shoots
  • Outdoor IP rated
  • Architectural lighting
  • Buildings and structures

Battery Operated & Wireless

If you are hosting an event in a location where power sources are not available, you have the option of battery powered wireless LED Uplighter, which still offer more light at the venue. The battery operated option is also useful if you are particularly keen on lots of cables not showing.

Uplighters are a great choice for any event, whether it be a product launch, private party, conference, fashion show or award ceremonies.

Indoor wireless led uplighters

LED uplighters are a brilliant way to create a dramatic effect with colour. The simplest way to transform an event is by using uplighters placed strategically around the venue to create a colour block, or perhaps have two or three colours as part of your theme.

There is also the option to pre-programme each uplighter. This means that you could set your choice of colours to change automatically throughout your event, creating a spectacle to amaze your guests. There are many colour combinations, offering good quality of light even for day-time events.

If there is a stage at your venue, you could implement a simple white backdrop and incorporate the use of the LED Uplighters to create a design which will alter your staging area.

Architectural Lighting

Wireless up lighters are an excellent option for architectural lighting. London Audio Visual have worked with clients to implement the use of these lights for Grade II listed buildings and the effect is one which is absolutely stunning.


Wireless uplighters can also be hung from trussing to place light facing down on an object or wall. This is most effective for venues such as, museums or art galleries, where you may wish to highlight particular art work or historical objects.

If you require LED Uplighters for a longer period of time, discuss a temporary installation/hire or rental with our team, this would be a good option for theatre productions, museums or art galleries with short term exhibitions.

For hire or rental enquires please contact our event production team, we can assist you with event design and effects.