Venue: H.R.Owen Mayfair

Originally established in 1932 H.R.Owen is known for their quality cars including, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, as well as now being the official UK dealer for Bugatti. Under the founder Harold Rolfe Owen the company built a reputation for honest dealership of prestigious cars. In 2014 the company were taken over by Berjaya Group and with the current leadership of Mamad Kashani-Akharan continue to provide excellent customer service for luxury cars and services.

With our team of motor-head enthusiasts, London Audio Visual were extremely happy to be assisting with the H.R.Owen event to promote Rolls Royce alongside Jimmy Choo.

The brief originally was for a small PA System, but after having further discussion with the Marketing Manager nearer the time of the event, our team was informed that more audio visual equipment would be needed. The set up would need to include, uplighters, red carpet and flames for an entrance. As well as poser tables to make it easy for guests to stand, have a drink and converse about the cars.

The set up time allocated was 2 hours. This meant that the planning stage was crucial, as we had to make the most of the 2 hours. Our team worked on using the products which would be the quickest to set up, whilst not compromising on the quality of the final look. We always work hard to incorporate equipment to match the high quality products or services our clients offer. This event was no different, as the visual equipment had to look the part for the high quality cars for the H.R. Owen event.

The lighting our team picked for this event were the AX7-BLX Astera wireless lights. These amazing unique lights are made with aluminium, making them lightweight and durable. For us technicians the most exciting feature is that they are ultra-bright wireless lights, which made them the perfect light to use, as the event would have a high traffic areas.

The red carpet made the entrance to the venue appear glamourous and was only fitting for the A-list cars.

The clients requested the lights to be set to pure white, to match their colour theme, the result was a bright pure light which lit the venue up and highlighted the beautiful cars. The technicians strategically placed two lights facing towards one of the Rolls Royce which created a huge impact for the guests looking directly at the cars from outside. The 12 remaining lights used around the showroom were positioned to cover the space with equal white bright light and attract attention. As the lights are wireless, this meant that the guests could move around freely.

The wireless lighting was controlled by an Infrared Remote Control. It has 28 buttons which are used to change colors and programs, increase the brightness, fade and speed of the wireless lights. The pocket-sized, lightweight remote has a signal strength of 10m, making it ideal for this event. This clever remote control allowed our technicians to manipulate the lighting at the touch of a button without having to disrupt the guests.

The red carpet made the entrance to the venue appear glamorous and was only fitting for the A-list cars. Our technicians fit a rubber bottom to the carpet to adhere to health and safety rules, avoiding any slipping accidents. To further impress the guests and onlookers, we opted for 8ft Flambeax gas flame lights. These flames are secured on a wooden plinth, which is ideal as it hides the gas cylinders under the unit, therefore not compromising on the elegant look of the event.

The client expressed how taken they were with how adaptable our team was as, we showed flexibility from what initially started as a small set-up to eventually more equipment being needed and resulting in the clients utilising our event production services. They were further impressed by our quick set-up and the quality of the audio visual products. Our team’s ability to work calmly whilst allowing them to continue with their work for the event was another positive comment we received. Overall the event was a success and our team were delighted to have had the opportunity to work with a prestigious company.

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