Annual General Meeting

London Audio Visual have been providing AV equipment hire and installations for business clients for a number of years. We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and understanding of the latest AV equipment. We utilise this information by supplying businesses with the best AV equipment for their annual general meeting.

We will always work to a high standard, as we are aware these annual meetings hold great importance within a company. Our team will arrange an on-site visit and once we are familiar with your premises, facilities and requirements, we will recommend the best equipment for your meeting. As part of our service our technicians can also stay for the duration of the meeting to make any technical changes throughout presentations.

Visual aids are an important element for annual meetings. Projector screens are particularly useful as you are able to enhance picture and text quality.

Larger projectors are best suited to meeting venues where blinds can be drawn against any natural light to dim the room and there is an audience greater than 50 people.

Depending on how long the meeting will last, we would recommend a projector with a long lamp life. This will help avoid the power being cut half way through a presentation.

Push to talk microphones are particularly useful for meetings for up to 20 delegates seated in a boardroom. This microphone helps to amplify the sound of each delegate and when there is an audience present.

A small PA is useful if your guest speaker has a soft voice and your board room is on a larger scale, ensuring your audience can hear clearly and not miss out on any vital information.

During question and answer sessions roving microphones are a good choice for larger conference or board rooms. Sound Operators can stay on-site to be a part of this section of the meeting.

You may also wish to have the event recording, either video or sound recording. This will allow you to have a clear idea to make references to particular points in the meeting.