NACFB Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony

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Venue: Park Plaza at Westminster Bridge.

The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) contacted us with a brief for a gala dinner and awards ceremony, celebrating the success of the financial services provided by Lloyds bank.

Our client required full event production from us, which included, sound, light staging, branding, LED screens, set design, live video footage, on-site technicians. Through initial discussions, our project manager was able to establish a feel for the basic requirements and from there on, he was in constant communication with the event organisers to ensure the look of the awards ceremony was in line with the expectations.

The lead technician worked with the on-site venue team to ensure that all health and safety aspects were adhered to, in order to ensure a safe build for the build. We arranged site-visits to enable us to understand what the building regulations were and how we could work within them, whilst using the best equipment to optimise the events sound and lighting.

On the day of the event set-up, we had a 20 strong crew to assemble the equipment for the Gala dinner and awards ceremony. Our project manager worked with the team on site, overseeing the whole event production, making sure it all ran smoothly.

The equipment included using, a PA system devised of 12 line-array speakers, with subwoofers and passive speaker, allowing the sound to be distributed evenly throughout the large venue of the Park Plaza at Westminster Bridge.

The LED wall tiles provided were of 3.1mm pixels, allowing for a high resolution, resulting in the entire audience at the gala dinner being able to get a clear view of the nights video footage. The LED resolution also meant that the backdrop to the main stage was one which made a lasting impression as, the clarity of the image always leaves people in awe, it certainly has the wow factor!

We arranged site-visits to enable us to understand what the building regulations were and how we could work within them, whilst using the best equipment to optimise the events sound and lighting.

The staging area was made up of 22m x 3m at 4.5m tall, covered in grey carpet, along with a digital lectern fitted with a 40” LCD screen. At London Audio Visual we have a serious infatuation with these digital lecterns, we feel they really finish off a staging area and heighten the professional look. Being techno geeks, we are obsessed with how sharp and crisp the 40” LCD screen is, allowing the clients to showcase branding and relevant information clearly. The project manager also thought that the digital lecterns was brilliant for this event because, it drew the audiences eye towards the stage more, as the dark colours of the staging set the scene and the light from the LCD screen embedded into the lectern just makes it that much more alluring.

Astera wireless lighting was used strategically  to light up the backdrop of the main stage. This not only looked fantastic, but was also necessary, in order to avoid a dark washout area on the main stage. Our project manager recommended a chauvet moving head spotlight, to help highlight any main speaker or presenter on stage, thus ensuring everyone in the audience had a good view.

As well as the crew who worked extremely hard to rig the whole set, our team was made up of, a Camera Operator, LED technician, Video technician, Audio technician and a Vision Mixer, together they all worked exceptionally hard and were able to make sure the event ran professionally and without any glitches.  

Leading on from all this hard work and dedication our team displayed, the event organiser had these kind words to say:

“Thank you to you and your team for their hard work at the Gala Dinner and awards, the feedback has been extraordinarily positive. The standard to which you delivered our event was above and beyond expectations. I have recommended you to all my old companies!”
-Claire Luckhurst Event Manager, NACFB

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