LED Screen Hire for Film, TV & Broadcast

Lights, camera, action! LED screen technology is a large part of a film TV & broadcast stage set up. Appearance of a stage for a film and TV show is everything, you need to be able to grab your audience’s attention and keep it. Visibility of the stage area and footage broadcast is important, as you want all audience member’s to see everything clearly. The LED screens also have a big impact on the viewers at home, as the enormity and clarity will leave the viewers in awe of the spectacle on the small screen.

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The screens are also useful in enhancing your brand awareness for any film broadcast, as they can be set up in studios with the image of your brand logo efficiently uploaded to stay on view throughout your program. At London Audio Visual we also offer a service of optimising any image or footage you wish to display on the LED screen, prior to the event, therefore we are able to ensure all images are ready to show at the best quality on the day of broadcast.

LED panels come in 1msq, so when joined together to make the screen to the size you require they appear seamless and leave a great impression by creating a spectacle for the audience.

Our team can complete a site visit at your TV or Film studio to ensure we provide you with the correct scale of LED screen and make sure they are positioned in the locations which will give the optimum viewing experience for audiences.