Lotus have just released the new Eletre advert, this incredible, contemporary commercial was a brilliant shoot which we are thrilled to say we provided LED Volume for! The clients decided to take advantage of incorporating a LED screen for the advert production, allowing the creative team to really put to use the high quality content in place as the location backdrop. London Audio Visual team rigged up a 14m x 5m, 2.6mm pixel pitch LED Screen & video playback from Resolume for the production.

Lotus Car Shoot with LED Screens

The greatest advantage of using LED compared to a green screen is that, for car shoots like this, the client is able to film the reflections on the Lotus Eletre in real-time, making the final edit more realistic. In this shoot, the production team also created a pond positioned directly in front of the LED volume so it reflected the image from the screen onto the car, this created a credible and fascinating effect.

Implementing Resolume, a live playback software, allowed our technicians to pixel map the LED Screen, scale and colorise the footage in real-time according to the  DOP’s requests. This software allowed for the entire production process to be more effective and meant communications between the production team and LED technicians was constructive, ensuring the end result created an enigmatic and winning advert.

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