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In collaboration with: As the coronavirus pandemic worsens across Europe, the event industry will be massively affected by postponements and cancellations. This can prove to be a costly hit for many of us, as we field questions and enquiries from panicked clients over the coming months. We’ve teamed up with London Audio Visual, one of our favourite suppliers, to write two blogs to explore how we can use audio visual solutions to adapt events to protect our attendees. In our second blog, we look at fully virtual delivery. Can the event realistically go ahead in its current format? When reviewing whether to go ahead with your event, make sure you are reviewing current UK Government Guidance on COVID-19. At the time writing, there are no UK Government regulations on events and public gatherings, but these are expected over the coming weeks. For context, The Scottish Government have recommended that organisers should cancel or postpone events of 500 people whether they are held inside or outside. The Irish Government are advising that indoor events are limited to 100 people and outdoor events to 500 people. Many venues and event spaces are also expected to close across the country over the coming...

COVID-19 Virus Updates for Events

March 13, 2020 2:13 pm Published by

London Audio Visual are committed to keeping their staff members safe and work with our clients in a secure environment. We are following Government guidelines and updates very carefully. We understand that many of the conferences and exhibitions are being cancelled for sensible reasons. However, as a company we can still offer other reasonable solutions, whilst still adhering to the advice given by the health organisations.  Live Streaming is a popular choice currently, as it offers your company a chance to continue with important meetings or conferences without having to take the unnecessary risk of exposing yourself and others to the COVID-19 virus.  If you are interested in live streaming your event, conference or meeting, then click here.

London Audio Visual are excited to be supplying AV equipment to our clients who are exhibiting at Learning Technologies, in London Excel in 2020. To learn more about what learning technologies is about, click here. Our team will be working closely with clients to design and build their exhibition stands. If you are interested in developing an exciting exhibition stand with the latest LED technology then contact our team today on 020 7701 9444. Our project managers will be ready to answer any questions you have and also design your exhibition stand featuring LED walls to make it look spectacular.

Our team at London Audio Visual worked with Aura tours, an amazing company which has developed an app to provide people with interactive museums and gallery guides. The aim of this exhibition was to create a simple but effective solution to feature the new app. The Lead Technician used Hi-Res Aluvision LED tiles along with textile printing to create this amazing exhibition stand!

Guess what? The Aluvision Hi-LED 55 flooring system has received the Design X50 Award. This award is given by platform for creativity, innovation and inspiring entrepreneurship..  An amazing achievement by Aluvision, they have created a Hi Res LED Tile that is capable of creating the best visuals we have seen in the industry and we are lucky to have them in stock. If you are looking for the best LED tile in the industry then give us a call, remember these tiles can be integrated in to modular frame systems and traditional wood.

Happy Clients 😃 – We used concave Aluvision Hi LED 55 2.5 Pixel Pitch for this watch launch at Harrods, our clients where extremely happy with the results… If you would like more information on our Hi-Res LED video wall solutions give us a call or visit our pre-build demonstration facility in London.

London Audio Visual are proud to announce that we will soon have stock of the amazing Aluvision Hi-LED 55. The Aluvision 2.5 fine pitch LED tiles are the latest in LED technology, designed by Aluvision and made by world leading LED manufacturer Absen. Who are Aluvison?  Aluvision is the leading developer, manufacturer and global distributor of innovative exhibit solutions. Ever since the introduction of the original Aluvision frame system, They offer a wide product range solutions for modular panel/fabric walls, LED lighting concepts, hanging structures, displays, etc. Innovation, durability and reusability are the key values behind every Aluvision product. This Aluvision Absen P2-series LED tile with premium level flatness and CrystalView technology provides outstanding image quality. The patented, matt black click mask and black face LEDs guarantee optimal contrast, ensuring vivid, crisp images. Who are Absen Absen was instrumental to the success of over 30,000 projects worldwide to date. High Quality LED Display Solutions & Products For The Live Events, Rental Staging Industry. Led Boards. Large Led Displays. Led Billboards. Led Video Walls. Pages Link for Creative Aluvision  LED: ALUVISION® HI-LED 55 Pages Link for Creative Exhibition Stands: Creative Exhibition Stands We will keep you updated.. if you would like more information on...

London Audio Visual are proud to have been a small part of this film shoot for Retro Super Future… we supplied our hi-res LED wall along with delivery and tech support. If you are interested in Hi-Res LED please give us a call or email us