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To Hire Video Walls or to Hire LED Video Wall instead? At London Audio Visual we have been working with Video Walls for a long time now, more recently we have been utilising the innovative LED walls available. Our team have been debating which technology offers the very best solution for our clients and here is what we have decided… LED Wall Hire vs Video Wall Hire Whilst Video Walls have started the revolution of showcasing large impactful screens, they are in fact screens which join, so no matter how slim the bevel may be, there will always be a line present once the screens are connected, meaning the content will be less impactful. Technically they require more labour and take longer to set up, therefore costs can increase for this purpose. Where as, LED Walls are a lot more flexible as they are easy to handle and quicker to set up. Making them perfect for events where the venue is restricted on time our crew have to prep for the event. All the labour intensive stuff aside…technology wise our team feel that they are by far the much better product for events. This is because the LED tiles omit a much...

EE brings BT Sport to the Telly: Kevin helps Delia Smith out with her football viewing conundrum London Audio Visual are proud to have worked with EE and BT Sport, with there new TV Advert, we supplied our large 98″ screen and sound bars for this TV advert. Checkout the video –     If you are looking to hire a 98″ screen for your event please contact us on either or phone 0207 701 9444.

London Audio Visual are really excited to have received our new 75″ 2,500 nit High Brightness LCD DS751LT4 Screen. The DS751LT4 is a full HD 75-inch high brightness LCD featuring an LED backlight producing a 2,500 nit sunlight viewable image. The DS751LT4 has been designed for large scale display applications in bright environments such as outdoor enclosures, retail storefront windows and digital signage. A narrow 11.7 mm bezel makes this model ideal for either single display or video wall applications. Each screen is individually color calibrated to the D65 color standard to ensure uniformity among multiple displays. Contact us if you would like to hire this high brightness screen on – 0207 701 9444 or

London Audio Visual are really excited to have received our new Sony 85″ LED 4K screens. The Sony 4K HDR TV helps to keep further focus on the picture by utilising a discreet aluminium frame, making it the perfect screen to use for a variety of events, ranging from, product launches, fashion shows, exhibitions, sporting events, and many more! Why 4K displays for your event? 4K means more detail. Our Professional 4K Displays have a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels – four times the detail of Full HD screens. So whether you’re looking to make an impression with digital signage, collaborate more effectively with video conferencing, or share complex data on a large screen, 4K provides crisp, sharp images which Full HD simply can’t. With the new 4K screens the technology is really able to upscale images closer to true 4K quality for remarkable clarity, each picture is sharpened and refined in real time, producing the finest quality of image for your audience to see. If you are as excited as us about these screens and want to hire a 4K screen which will produce a high contrast real life image for your event, then give one of our team a call...

London Audio Visual have taken delivery of the new LEDskin LED video wall, this product is designed to work direcly with the BeMatrix and Aluvision exhibition frame system. check out the video. This product is available for hire to exhibition stand builders and events companies, contact us on 0207 701 9444  or email us at for more information.  

We have invested in the new LG 98″ premium LED displays screens, the 98LS95D Ultra HD premium large display is the perfect screen for many types of events such as conferences, product launches and events. Key Features -Portrait & Landscape Mode -Immersive large screen & Even bezel -Ultra HD premium large display -MULTIPLE SCREEN WITH PBP OR PIP Contact us now if you would like to hire the 98″ screens for your next event on 0207 701 9444 or

Middle Temple Event January 2017

January 24, 2017 11:05 am Published by

The London Audio Visual team have built a strong relationship with The Middle Temple staff and over the years we continue to provide audio visual equipment for their events. The initial brief for this event was to provide a sound system and live camera feed to screens for the audience to enjoy the presentations. The client also wanted a recording of the event for online use at a later date. To check what video services we offer click here. The equipment required for this set up included,  95” screens on motorised lifts, Source 4 lights, Sony NX5 HD cameras, Roland V800 vision mixer, QL1 Digital audio desk, gooseneck tabletop mics, wireless lapel mics, room uplighters. The 95″ screens were the perfect choice for the size of the hall, it allowed all guests to have a clear view of the speaker, connected via our live feed. The room uplighters were set in a blue light tying in with the event theme, whilst not taking away from the historical beauty of the building. The client opted for the gooseneck mic as well as the lapel mic, to allow speakers the freedom to move around.   To further enhance the client’s brand they...

New Astera Wireless lights!

December 20, 2016 9:58 am Published by

Our team were buzzing with excitement when using our new Astera Wireless lighting for H.R.Owen’s Rolls Royce event. These lights are absolutely amazing, they are the currently the brightest and most powerful wireless lighting on the market. They are lightweight which makes them easy to set up.   Being battery operated means that they are controlled by our technicians through a remote control, this is ideal when you don’t want a technician having to run through the middle of your event to change lighting! It doesn’t stop there…the lights are even waterproof, so brilliant for outdoor events. Take a look at further images of the these ingenious lights in action, at the H.R.Owen Rolls Royce event.

Our New Sony Camcorders are here, we are extremely excited to have these on board! The NX5R offers Full-HD image capture along with its advanced LSI, which features intelligent noise reduction, enhanced detail reproduction and distortion correction technology, allowing this new camcorder to deliver remarkably lifelike images. These cameras are suitable for a range of different events, especially conference filming.