LED Cubes Screens

These luminous LED screen cubes are a show stopping attraction for your next event.

The LED screen cubes allow you to use either bright, bold, brilliant colours, movie content or there is the option to upload specific images related to the event.  

LED screen cubes are can be build to almost any size suing our modular LED tiles, speak to one of our production team to discuss what the preferences are and they will advise on which size is best suited for your event space. 

There are a number of events which these LED Cubes are well suited for, including but of course not limited to!…Corporate events, Product Launches, Fashion Events, Music Videos, Exhibitions, Retail Window displays, Photoshoots, Film Productions…they can even be incorporated within a Virtual Production Film Shoot! 

An integrated LED cube can also be set up to allow participants at your event to immerse themselves into a large scale LED cube.

If you are looking to hire LED cube screen give us a call.


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