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3 Sided video wall with piercingly precise Hi-Res LED, utilising the best LED tiles available! If you or your company are looking to impress and grab potential clients’ attention, contact our team so we can help with your exhibition stand design. Based in central London and here to provide the best customer service… call us on 020 7701 9444 to gain expert advise and assistance with your next project.

Guess what? The Aluvision Hi-LED 55 flooring system has received the Design X50 Award. This award is given by platform for creativity, innovation and inspiring entrepreneurship..  An amazing achievement by Aluvision, they have created a Hi Res LED Tile that is capable of creating the best visuals we have seen in the industry and we are lucky to have them in stock. If you are looking for the best LED tile in the industry then give us a call, remember these tiles can be integrated in to modular frame systems and traditional wood.

We used our perfect 2.5mm pixel pitch LED video wall corner edge to create this amazing LED structure for our clients at Info Security this year. The stand design and use of technology captured attention from the exhibition walkways… Product Used – Aluvision Hi LED Tile 55 Event Name – Info Security 2019 Venue – London Olympia

Happy Clients 😃 – We used concave Aluvision Hi LED 55 2.5 Pixel Pitch for this watch launch at Harrods, our clients where extremely happy with the results… If you would like more information on our Hi-Res LED video wall solutions give us a call or visit our pre-build demonstration facility in London.

Demo day at our show room was very successful! Our team were able to showcase the Aluvision Hi LED 55 tiles to our clients. These amazing 2.5 pixel pitch tiles fit seamlessly into our modular framing system allowing clients to create amazing inspiring exhibition stands.

London Audio Visual are proud to announce that we have stock of the Aluvision LED TILE. The Aluvision p2.5 LED tiles are the latest in CREATIVE LED technology, designed by Aluvision and made by world leading LED manufacturer Absen. WHAT IS THE ALUVISION HI-LED 55 TILE? The Hi-LED 55 is the thinnest tile that can be incorporated into a modular building system. Its unique dimensions of 496 x 496 x 55 mm allow a seamless integration of LED screens into the modular constructions. UNLIMITED EXHIBITION DESIGN TECHNOLOGY Create edged walkways and long tunnels using the LED tile 55 combined with Aluvision’s frame system. If you are an exhibition stand builder, design agency or in the audio visual industry contact us for a demo of this amazing LED tile that can be used almost anywhere. Pages Link for Creative Aluvision  LED: ALUVISION® HI-LED 55 Pages Link for Creative Exhibition Stands: Creative Exhibition Stands We will keep you updated.. if you would like more information on this product please contact us on 020 7701 9444 or complete the form below.

London Audio Visual are proud to announce we now offer Absen 2.5mm Pitch LED tiles, The brand new 2.5mm LED product from Absen offers superior contrast and high precision alignment using UltraBlack Technology – Small sized non-reflection LEDs, combined with matte and super black mask, the PL2.5 Pro has a superior contrast. This P2-series Absen LED tile with premium level flatness and Crystal View technology provides outstanding image quality. The patented Absen, matte black click mask and black face LEDs guarantee optimal contrast, ensuring vivid, crisp images. Absen LED Screen key features –  The thinnest LED tile available for seamless integration –  2.5 mm pixel pitch –  Supreme hi res image quality –  Endless possibilities for assembly, including concave mounting –  Creative straight & curved LED tiles combinationWall, ceiling & floor –  Flush integration of the video wall. Fasten with standard quick tighteners –  Compatible with all Aluvision corner profiles –  Curved -Use standard straight Absens LED tiles in combination with wedges to create a concave wall –  Absen LED Tunnel configuration walls & ceiling