Curved LED screens for Live streaming event

Our team constructed a curved LED wall 12.5m wide by 3m for a live streamed conference. This conference was streamed globally, including London and New York.

Curved LED screens aesthetic level is superior to other set ups as the curved lines create a dramatic and eye-catching design. The build allows for the illusion that the presenter is surrounded by the high resolution content. The conference material fits coherently into the bend of the LED screens, producing a remarkable display for viewers.

LED curved walls are also an ideal solution for live streamed conferences, as the viewers logging on will be able to take note of the conference content on crisp, clear screens. The presenter took to the main stage centrally positioned at the lectern and our technicians controlled the digital content, allowing for a presentation which flowed professionally and exceptionally.

LED walls and Live streaming are excellent options in the current circumstances. Our team can work safely in your chosen venue and allow to continue sharing vital information with your audiences.