Are any of these you?

November 26, 2014 11:35 am Published by

One of the primary tasks when putting together an event are knowing who your target audience is. So for a bit of fun we have compiled a fascinating list of the job titles that our clients have had. The resulting word cloud shows how those occupations that booked with us feature most prominently.    

Transforming small spaces

November 25, 2014 6:29 pm Published by

Time to spread the word! Kia have launched their first all-electric, zero-emissions car to be sold in the UK, the Soul EV. Great for all of us green aware trend setters! The challenge for this gig was to turn the rather small space into a zero distraction immersive experience, kudos to the design team! It was great to work with OTM, as a creative agency they were professional and lateral thinking. The solution; a fully enclosed bespoke stage and set to house the 75” LED Display and PA system. For three days, presentations were hosted for the automotive press market getting the message out, “Soul EV makes charging easy by plugging into any standard 120v outlet or a conventional 240v EV charger”. No more excuses to not go electric. Meanwhile, we do what we do best, transforming the space using audio visual solutions to effectively deliver the client’s message.

20 years ago Eurostar launched the first train service to run between London and Paris beneath the English Channel. For this year’s anniversary they announced the launch of a faster service that is capable of travelling up to 200mph and for those of us that like catch up on e-mails… free Wi-Fi. We were drafted to make sure the news hit the press event with finesse, ensuring the visual presentations and speech given by the Sales Director were delivered with the precision of a High Speed cross-Channel train. An early site-visit confirmed the scope and identified the requirements for screens, a stage and PA system. All supervised by a high level technician (thanks Dave) for 3 rounds of press announcements. We enjoyed being part of this occasion as we were brought in early to be able to advise on the best solutions considering the unique venue,St. Pancras International Station, a renowned National Heritage Site.

Projection in day light? Impossible!

August 15, 2014 3:03 pm Published by

It is a pretty well known fact that projection screens and daylight to not get along well. Natural light washes out the screen  making the image very difficult to see, like shining a torch during the day. But what do you do then when your client has chosen a magnificent venue with skylights or large windows and the “natural day light” has been promoted as a feature for choosing the venue? If you have a sizable audience a high brightness LCD screen can range in price from £1000 -£5 000 each per day, a hefty price for some Power Point slides. The second option is a large LED screen which has also been known to blow budgets for mid sized events. So you are left with a projection option which can be an excellent, cost -effective solution when the right measures are taken to ensure the quality of the image. For the Team Awards given by the Mayor of London at the City Hall, we had the most beautiful sunny day in the Chamber. Well prepared, the set we had designed catered for a rear projection screen and our full HD powerful projector (with short-throw lens)which needed a 3m throw...

We are expanding!

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And we are looking for the right professional and passionate people to join us. Have a look at our careers page for the latest positions available Please submit your CV to with the subject line: Sales/Account Manager Application We would love to respond to to all applications, however only those short-listed for interview will be contacted.

We had to be ready for the possibility of rain…but as you can see Founders Day at the Royal Hospital Chelsea was a great success this year. Rehearsals were conducted in advance and it was a honour to be part of an event which was planned, prepared and implemented with the best of British precision. Founders Day was one of the events we have now done for the Royal Hospital Chelsea, after being awarded a 4 year contract as the official AV supplier . Covering a wide range of events including anniversaries, royal visits, ceremonial services and presentations.

Winter Olympics 2014 Fundraiser

July 23, 2014 11:40 am Published by

It was a night of celebrities and sporting excellence as the guests arrived at Plaisterers’ Hall, London to raise funds to support Chemmy Alcott in her bid to compete at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Making this event happen was a great experience; from meeting with our client and helping to bring their vision to life. This project was tailored to their requirements through building a bespoke set which accommodated a “Question of Sport” theme panel and a rock band! So we had free reign to create the ultimate Audio Visual Solution that included staging and lighting whilst our technical expertise ensured a smooth running event. As featured on the BBC