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To Hire Video Walls or to Hire LED Video Wall instead? At London Audio Visual we have been working with Video Walls for a long time now, more recently we have been utilising the innovative LED walls available. Our team have been debating which technology offers the very best solution for our clients and here is what we have decided… LED Wall Hire vs Video Wall Hire Whilst Video Walls have started the revolution of showcasing large impactful screens, they are in fact screens which join, so no matter how slim the bevel may be, there will always be a line present once the screens are connected, meaning the content will be less impactful. Technically they require more labour and take longer to set up, therefore costs can increase for this purpose. Where as, LED Walls are a lot more flexible as they are easy to handle and quicker to set up. Making them perfect for events where the venue is restricted on time our crew have to prep for the event. All the labour intensive stuff aside…technology wise our team feel that they are by far the much better product for events. This is because the LED tiles omit a much...

As a long standing educational institution, University of East London (UEL) understand the importance of allowing students’ to carefully research and explore the choices of courses available, ensuring they make make the right decision to start off their academic and career path. So when they wanted an exhibition stand at the UCAS event, held at the Excel centre in London, to showcase all the amazing courses and facilities available at UEL, our team were happy to help. The initial brief from the client was to set up the exhibition stand along with a LED screen to display the University’s promotional footage. Part of the assignment was to ensure maximum impact within a small footprint area. Our skilled LED technicians utilised the tension fabric as it allows for a crisp and an attention grabbing screen. Working in a 6 by 4 stand area, the LED wall was the best option for the clients’ needs. The depth of the LED wall at 62mm allowed for cutting edge technology to be implemented within the exhibition area without compromising on space. Pre-planning in our demo warehouse allowed our team to rehearse the set-up within the 2 hours given by the exhibition arena. As this...

Directional Audio Speaker Hire

November 15, 2017 4:47 pm Published by

We now stock the new SB-47 SonicBeam directional speaker systems form Brown Innovations, these speaker are perfect for providing the clearest, highest-quality directional audio. No matter the size area you need to keep sound contained to, we’ve got you covered. These directional speakers are the perfect solution for exhibitions, art installations and retail. Try our directional speakers to experience the clearest, most focused way to deliver audio to your target listeners while providing the highest quality directional sound. Contact our team to help you with your next project on 0207 701 9444 or

The Best Stand of the Show

November 12, 2013 2:25 pm Published by

We are proud to have worked with Korg for the 3rd year in a row on their stand for the London Drum Show. Their exhibition stand displayed the latest products using dramatic lighting and multi-angle focus points, making full use of the stand space available to them. Having a long lasting relationship with Korg meant meeting their design requirements was a pleasure and easily arranged. Minimal fuss meant maximum impact in this case as we set up the truss base design with staging on different levels. Plasma screens showed the company video on a loop and a PA system focussed to engage with attendees of the exhibition.                            

This client required a special effect to help them stand apart and gain attention at a small exhibition. A video wall which was designed to suit the space available consisted four 46″ plasma screens that were interconnected. This gave the client the ability to display four videos as a full display or individual displays fed by laptops.This demonstrated the full functionality of their software product on show. The result was an increased visitation rate to the stand as they stand stood out as the only dynamic demonstration.