Staging and Set Design

Sets and Staging

Sets and Staging

We understand that each set and stage should be unique to your event. We have our own in-house set design and build facility, which means we can construct your stage and set tailored to your branding and event theme.

Set design and build.

Our technicians are able to complete on-site visits to ensure that your design ideas can be implemented. During initial discussions we will go through the sizing of the stage. It is important to remember that the size of the stage for an indoor venue or even outdoor space is determined by what is going to happen on the stage and how people at once will be required to be on the stage. A good guideline to use is to allocate 1m² per person standing.


From design to build and in action.

Other considerations we also keep in mind are the load bearing factor and whether the stage is required to have a high tolerance of movement. We have supplied stages for aerobics marathons, kick boxing demonstrations and a jumping choir, so no request is out of the box for us.

The stage for your event can be covered in carpet to the colour of your choice. Any stages up to 2 feet high come with black valance (skirting) or a solid surround.

The options for backdrops can be made with free-standing panels which can be joined to create a flat surface. These can be covered in material in the colour of your branding or you could select from a variety of neutral tones.

We also provide a large variety of draping options on the backdrop. These drapes can be heavy black wool serge, coloured velvet and even star cloths for the magical touch. If there is something in particular you want, just talk to our team to go over options.

Stage and set with lighting

It is important to remember that the stage allows your audience to engage with the event, so whether your event is delivering a speech to people standing or seated, or a fashion show, or annual conference, or a concert, the stage is vital in order to bring focus to the main presenter or act. We will ensure that the whole audience have a good view and so are engaged with the event.