With outdoor events becoming more popular, sound systems no longer are restricted to 4 walls inside. When planning an outdoor event, how far the sound needs to travel is the most important thing to remember. You are more than likely to want to be able to hear sounds from different locations and more importantly, clearly.

Factors we will have to take into consideration are; What is your central point of sound going to be? Who will be controlling the sound? How many people at the event? Where are they likely to be located? If you have a rough idea to these questions, our team of experts will be able to guide you on how best to implement speaker systems to get the most of the sound for your event. The weather will also be a factor you will need to take into consideration. We will be able to suggest options to help keep the sound equipment protected so the show can go on.

Our site visit prior to the event, will help us to work with your site map and discuss the best approach to a sound system which will work. London Audio Visual technicians will propose an outdoor sound system to your specific needs.

The main objective of course will be to achieve even sound distribution. Line array speakers are often the best solution to circulate sound right to the back of an audience. But, if you have a larger outdoor space and audience, we will discuss alternative speakers with you. It will be most important to maintain control and coverage of the sound.

We can set up microphones on stands on the stage, which will require less changes in-between performances. If you wish to use a different set up, we can deliberate other options with you.

Alternative power solutions can also be supplied by us. All safety checks for the power supplies are carried out accordingly with regulations.

Our technicians will stay on site, should you require them to, in order to manage all aspects of the sound system.

Our team will go through all risk assessments to ensure the equipment used is safe and protected from changing weather conditions.

One important thing to remember is, to check with the local authorities for what the rules are for creating lots of sound at an outdoor event!