Conference Sound System Hire

London Audio Visual have worked on a variety of conferences, from Education Sectors, Political, Local committees to Environmental Conferences. We understand that the audiences are focused on the chair of the conference, so sound is imperative to deliver optimum results to get important points across to the panel and audience.

The sound system set up for your conference will be dependent on the type of room and the sort of conference you are holding. Things to consider for the set up are, if it will one to one talks, open discussions or panel discussions.

Another factor to consider is if you prefer a wired or wireless system. Wireless has more benefits for hire purposes, as it will just be the case of set up and take down of the sound equipment. If you require a permanent set up, our team can arrange an installation for your conference room.

The most common type of microphone for conferences are individual gooseneck mics. These will allow for each member to make their points heard clearly. The chair will be set up to take control of the discussion at any point.

We can set microphones up either for use on a boardroom table, lectern, or larger auditoriums. If you prefer wireless microphones either as a handheld mic or clip-on a lapel, then just discuss the options with our team.

Our PA systems can be set up to your requirements, typically, most conference set ups opt for an analogue mixer, equaliser, amplifier with four or two loudspeakers on stands. If you have a large venue for your conference, you will need to take into consideration the audience at the back of the event space, we can offer you solutions for this.

If your conference is set in a large venue with a question and answer session, we can set up a roving wireless microphone to allow the exchange in dialogue to be heard clearly.

For larger venues You may also want to consider, setting up a stage with lighting. You can customise the colour of lighting to suit and enhance the brand and message of the conference or just to create a particular mood for the day.

Depending on the type of your conference, from public conferences, a brand conference for a large audience, to a committee around a table or question and answer sessions, our equipment is always tailored to your individual requirements.