LED Screens for Charity & Gala Events

Getting your message across is the most important factor for any charity or gala event. LED screens are the ideal solution to ensure that your charity video footage or images make the most impact on your audience. Positioning the LED screens on a stage and around your venue will ensure that all your guests can clearly see the significance of your charity work.

The LED wall tiles can be built to create maximum reach for you audience members, whilst not compromising on the quality of the image. Our team can meet you at your venue for a site visit and discuss with you what your options to help you achieve the reaction you want. We also offer a service of, collecting your material before the event day and configuring it to the right specifications, so that on the day of the event you do not have to worry about this aspect.

LED screens are perfect for charity events as the high resolution will allow you to convey your message and showcase you charitable organisations work clearly. They really do give the best results and if you decide to build the LED wall the grandeur effect of this will be a memorable one for your guests.