LED Screens for Sporting Events

We offer a large range of large LED screens for any sporting event, we offer indoor LED screens with pixel pitches from 2.5mm, offering you precision and a crisp view of the sport match.

Whether it is a Boxing match, Premiership or World cup match, Wimbledon Tennis, Rugby tournament, our LED screens offer the spectators a close up view of the sport, without compromising on the quality. If using the screens indoors to show the live sport event, your audience will get a better view than being at the actual venue.

We have also worked with a number of different sporting arenas to set up LED panels in large screens, allowing the audience to get a clear view of every aspect of the event. Our team are able to complete a site visit in order to ensure the screens are set up in the correct place in order to offer optimum viewing, ensuring the viewers don’t miss a thing.