LED Walls & Screens for Virtual Production

LED Screens / Volume for Virtual Production

LED Volume has a remarkable part to play in Virtual Production. The LED technology works with software and technical equipment to produce a magnificent world which will leave audiences unable to tell whether it is reality or not. At London Audio Visual, we have years of experience and extensive knowledge on LED volume technology and what the many capabilities are of incorporating it into a virtual production. When using LED screens the quality of the final image is not compromised, only further enhanced and making it indistinguishable between reality and virtual world.

We have built up a portfolio of working with high end clients, who wish to create a truly unique project for their virtual production. Our LED offers the best result for a supreme outcome. The nature of LED technology allows it to be moved to any location you need. We have worked with clients in our own film studios to set up LED Volume for a Virtual Production as well as construction a Virtual Set in other Production houses.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our technical team today. We can help ensure your Virtual Production will be impeccable.