Jas Sapal

all about Jas

I am constantly daydreaming and brimming with ideas. When I believe an idea is feasible, I am determined to make it work. This relentless drive is my superpower!

Over the past 15 years at Ambien, my role has evolved significantly. Initially focused on marketing and sales, I have worn many hats including sales, marketing, delivering, technical support, logistics, accounts, cleaning, driving, HR, and director. With this breadth of experience, I have come full circle back to marketing and business development, my core strengths.

One of my fondest feelings from the early days in the industry is the sentiment of having everything to gain! That initial excitement and the sense of limitless potential still resonates with me and continues to drive our company’s journey forward. 

Outside of work, my passions revolve around my family, especially my wife! I love mountain biking, travelling, exploring, and making new connections. 

Two things I can’t stand are people being late and inefficient. What motivates me in the morning is the thrill of achievement. Whether it’s a simple task like going to the gym or a major accomplishment like helping a client realise their vision or our team completing a challenging project…achievements drive me! 

Looking ahead, our aim is simple: to be the best at what we do. We strive to provide the best solutions for our clients. One of the ways in which we do this is to build the best team and ensure our team is happy! In the future, I hope to continue doing what I love within the business – meeting people, exploring new opportunities, and embracing new technologies. 

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