Ian Vine

all about ian

Driven by a passion for audio equipment, I co-founded London Audio Visual in 2008. We quickly evolved into an extensive audio visual company. Back in 2009, I was hands-on with every aspect of the business – sales, setups, tech, and even driving! Over the years, as our team has grown stronger, my focus has shifted to overseeing operations. 

Outside of work, I play drums in a nine-piece Ska band and love playing at our gigs! I am passionate about travelling and enjoy visiting beautiful locations with my family. In fact, it was during a visit to Germany at the Frankfurt ‘Musik Messe’ in the late ’90s that I was inspired to start my own business, this still remains one of my favourite memories. I am motivated by a love for music, regularly visiting Ibiza and other music destinations to get my fix of awesome music. 

To unwind I take long strolls with my dog Simba and watch Lord of the Rings triology in one night! I am happiest when I am in the garden hosting family and friends with a barbeque! 

I am determined to avoid my pet hate – procrastination! It is this dislike which has also led to one of my proudest moments, celebrating our first financial target in turnover, making all the hard work worth it! 

Looking ahead, I aim to establish us as a leading name in LED technology in the UK. We pride ourselves on having a highly skilled technical team and delivering exceptional service, making Ambien a top choice for clients. 

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