B4E Conference at The Hurlingham Club


Venue: The Hurlingham Club

The Hurlingham Club is recognised as one of Britain’s greatest private members clubs set in 42 acres of beautifully landscaped, award-winning gardens in the Fulham area of London. This was the first time that Global Initiatives have put out a tender to a UK AV Company. The brief from the client was to provide lighting, sound, video, two live camera recorders and operators, and a custom stage and set.

The day before the event, our technical crew began the set-up for the main room and the 3 breakout rooms. In total this took about 6 hours. Preparing for the event ahead of it meant that our technicians simply had to do a sound and light check with the event organisers on the day.

The client expressed that they wanted to place emphasis on their brand, therefore it was important to make it a focal point on the stage. Our team discussed a range of options, eventually deciding on printed adhesive vinyl stickers to be positioned on the main stage backdrop, these were applied at our base to enable quick setup at the venue. Bespoke rolling banners were also provided for the clients on this occasion to provide extra event branding.

The equipment for the event consisted of a custom stage and set, made using flat set panels with a coated white vinyl finish, including a lectern and the client’s choice of dark grey stage carpet.

On the 42ft wide stage backdrop our technicians positioned two 10ft wide projector screens either side of the panel, along with two 50″ plasma screens on stands placed amongst the audience, this ensured all delegates had clear visibility of the conference. In addition we set up a sound system, stage, LED uplighters and two HD cameras for live recording with an HD vision mixer to control them. The video and audio streams were recorded in full HD for future use by the client.

`It was great working with your team. The event went really well. Thanks so much and I look forward to working with you next year.`

For Audio we used six active 8” speakers around the main room, delayed in pairs with a centre fill 8” and an 8” foldback monitor so panelists could hear questions during the Q and A session. A bank of Sennheiser wireless microphone systems along with local laptop audio feeds were controlled by our technicians.

During the set-up our technicians also carried out our usual service of modifying the client’s powerpoint presentations to allow the presentation to run more smoothly, this was achieved by joining the presentations together where suitable.

On the day of the conference, the client expressed a wish to change the lighting from, direct lighting pointing at the stage and the panelists to, indirect lighting. We did this by firing the uplighters and profile lights straight up at the ceiling above the stage and using this reflected light. This resulted in no shadows or people being blinded by the light. This worked well as the cameras could easily compensate for the slightly reduced light level on the panelists faces.

London Audio Visual were honoured to work with Global Initiatives, and we are proud to say the feeling is mutual. The Head of Production, Daya Veer, has since been in touch to tell us, `It was great working with your team. The event went really well. Feedback from our delegates and sponsors have been very encouraging. Thanks so much and I look forward to working with you next year.`

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