75″ 2,500 nit High Brightness LCD

DynaScan DS2 High Brightness Digital Signage – World’s Brightest LCD Screens!

Dimension (LxHxD, w/o stand): 1675.8 x 953.8 x 120.5 mm

The DS751LT4 Ultra High Brightness LCD is a full HD 75-inch high brightness LCD featuring an LED backlight producing a 2,500 to 3,000 nit sunlight viewable image. The DS751LT4 has been designed for large scale display applications in bright environments such as outdoor enclosures and storefront windows. A narrow 11.7 mm bezel makes this model ideal for either single display or video wall applications. Each screen is individually color calibrated to the D65 color standard to ensure uniformity among multiple displays.

Color Temperature and Quality

Ensuring the color and brightness of each screen in a tiled matrix matches can be time-consuming and requires additional calibration hardware. Each screen is individually color calibrated to the D65 (6500K) CIE color standard. Not only does this produce a true, natural white, the color of all screens will be uniform.

Auto Brightness Control

Different external lighting conditions require different brightness levels. An onboard light sensor measures the ambient light in the area and automatically adjusts the image accordingly.

Intelligent Thermal Management

Heat generated by the display is radiated away from high-temperature areas while a sensor continuously monitors the internal temperature to protect the system from overheating. This is accomplished with ultra-quiet fans.

Full HD Resolution

With Full HD 1080p resolution, the DS751LT4 produces a super sharp image for easy-to-read text and incredible detail.

These screens are ideal for the following things –

Shop window display monitors, tv advertising, digital window display, exhibitions.