Live Streaming for Church and places of worship

Church or Faith groups have always been an integral part of any community. Religious sermons bring together a community or group of people who share beliefs and feel that it brings them peace and shared values. Your religious institute can continue to share your church’s values with churchgoers meanwhile you can also attract new followers, who may be interested in understanding and being part of a faith group at this current time. This can all be achieved with Live Streaming a Church sermon. 

Professional use of equipment is vital to ensure the livestream is of the highest quality. Our technicians will set up the equipment in a safe way, complying to current Government guidelines, then stay for the duration of the church service to record and set up the live stream. 

Our technicians will work within the Church environment, setting up the camera to optimise on the correct light quality and arranging sound so it can be delivered clearly to the worshipers during the livestream. We adhere to the guidelines, all our technicians will wear face masks, will continuously antibacterial wipe equipment and their hands, whilst maintaining a 2m social distancing space. Live streaming your Church event is the safest way to continue during this pandemic. 

Engaging your parish doesn’t have to stop at morning church services, your Church can also livestream Bible studies or prayer meetings, which would ordinarily have been scheduled.  

Live Streaming religious events is a way for your organisation to continue to provide prayer and support, which can be argued is needed now more than ever! This is a way to keep your community connected and be a source of strength. This is also a chance for you to reach the elderly or vulnerable, who are most at risk and still have to follow stronger restrictions. 

Once the livestream has finished you can also opt for the recording to be instantly shared to your church social media pages, so those who were unable to attend the virtual service, can still participate. This is a way for all the community to share their worship experience.  

If you are interested in providing your churchgoers with a livestream of your Church’s service, then please get in touch with our team today.