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Laser Projector Hire

Laser technology is the cutting-edge new development on offer for the latest projectors. These amazing laser projectors disburse longer lasting projection, whilst increasing the quality of the image.

As well as having a secure MHL/HDMI port, these projectors also implement a hidden PortAll® compartment, which accommodates additional accessories such as a wireless streaming device, or PC stick. This makes the laser projector easy and quick to use, ideal for events which need to be ready for audiences promptly and fuss free.

Super-color Technology is an incredible feature within the laser projector, it uses a 6-segment color wheel and dynamic lamp control, which in turn provides you with a wide colour range producing stunning and captivating images for your event. As well as this they also have a 100,000:1 ultra-high contrast ratio, which enhances the image clarity further.

The laser phosphor light built into the projector allows it to work for up to 20,000 hours. Resulting in a long-term, virtually maintenance-free usage. This makes the technology particularly useful for time consuming events or jobs, such as conferences, museums, exhibitions, to name but a few. Utilising this laser projector will mean you have peace of mind, as it will not power down due to over heating and will retain the image quality for longer.

The ultra-short throw ratio allows us to place the projector just inches away from the designated wall or screen and still give you a huge image. We are able to use a specialist film to transfer onto glass in order to make the most of the short throw projection. The ingenious technology of this clear sheet allows the projection light to be radiated evenly across the surface, producing a high resolution and unitary image. This method is an ideal one for shop window displays as well as other areas in a retail outlet. It means you do not have to use a traditional projection screen, taking up a large area on your shop floor, and so it offers a clean and professional look in a shop window.

Laser projectors are fast becoming a useful tool for many events and establishments, at London Audio Visual we strongly recommend them for their longevity and precision of their image projection. The near-instant start up also means there is no hanging about for your presentation or event to begin, holding your audiences attention immediately.

The technology allows for your audience to have a truly immersive experience as the projection is not washed out, due to a contrast ratio 4 times higher than the traditional lamp projectors.

Even in brightly lit environments, this projector holds it own. The engineering of the contemporary panel technology, is designed to deflect 90% of ambient light while leaving the colour being displayed on the screen unaffected. This makes the laser projector an ideal solution for venues where there is a plethora of natural light.

Speak to someone from our hire team today, for more information on laser projectors, we will be more than happy to assist you on how to make the most of them for your event.