In a place of Worship there are many determining factors for selecting the right PA and Visual combination for a specific site. We can create systems that suit your current usage and future expansion, along with the level of experience of your in-house operators.

Whether you are moving into a new building or updating your current worn-out equipment, we are focused on delivering a solution that suits your budget.

Every enquiry begins with a conversation with one of installation professionals. They will discuss your needs, ideas and time-scale for installation with the view to making recommendations based on your specifications and their experience.

We follow up with a site-visit at a time to suit you; this is an opportunity to check the practical elements of the installation and fine-tune elements necessary in order to put together a complete quotation. We are available for any questions following the quotation phase in order to help you make the right decision for your unique location.

Once the installation is complete, we offer comprehensive training with the view to helping you to make the most of your AV system. This includes the basic operation of audio and lighting mixing desks, wireless microphones etc., thus ensuring the optimum performance of your system and ensuring that you are able to deliver your message clearly and effectively.

• Self – contained PA systems
• High powered Sound systems for large auditoriums
• Delay systems and on-stage monitors
• Large format mixing consoles and signal processors
• Multiple wireless microphone systems
• Hanging and fixed choir microphones
• Front and rear projection screens
• A wide range of professional projectors
• Plasma and LCD screens
• AV mixers and cameras
• CD and DVD duplication systems
• Lecterns and lectern microphones
• Stage lighting system
• Recorders and editing tools
• Comprehensive on-going training
• Service and maintenance agreements