LED Screens for Product Launches

At London Audio Visual we understand that product launches are an essential event in your company’s calendar. LED screens provide high definition and clarity allowing you to market your brand’s new product in the clearest possible way.

Creativity is the key for a product launch, no matter how far fetched the idea seems, it is probably possible with the LED technology we have available. LED screens can be set up within any image or backdrop you desire, for example if you are promoting a new mobile device, you may wish to have a replica life size model made, our team can fit a LED screen to make it appear as if it is actually the screen of the mobile, with whatever image or footage you wish to show. Run your idea by our team and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate for it!


LED panels can be set up to whatever dimensions you need, so you have a choice to display your product in a range of different set ups. The image quality offers depth and precision, allowing your guests to immerse themselves into the products key features.

The screens can be set up on a stage area as well as around the venue, if you want our team can complete a site visit and advise you on where best to set up the LED screens and also what sizes will provide optimum results for your venue.