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Video Walls for Digital Signage

Hire Video Walls for Digital Signage

Video walls are the perfect choice for modern day digital signage. Video walls are able to create an amazing visual interactive impact for wherever you want to position your signs. We understand the importance of gaining the attention of your audience, which is why we use the best screens to offer the highest image quality. Our technicians are experienced and work hard to set up the video walls, making the image appear seamless and professional.

London Audio Visual offer video walls in many configurations and sizes, such as:

-2 x 2 video walls
-3 x 3 video walls
-4 x 4 video walls
-Or custom sizes- we are able to build video walls to the measurements you require, just give us a call and talk through what your specific digital signage requirements are.

We also provide a service before hand, to check your content to ensure that it is configured correctly for the screen size picked, this way you can be sure that your digital signage material will be crystal clear.